Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The last of the kale is in the background. Rest in peace old friend.
A good friend of mine has a really nice backyard garden here in San Francisco. Often we sit back there while watching the kids play and chat about about what she has growing in her raised vegetable beds. When she went inside to get a drink for the kids one day, her husband came over  to me on the sly and said, "When she needs to do gardening, she says she is going to "go harvest the garden." But then she only brings in a few cherry tomatoes! That's not a harvest! That's just picking what happens to be available at that moment!"

Well, I can relate to her choice of words because anything I bring into my home out of my garden is a harvest to me. I had an amazing amount of kale awhile back and now that that situation has died down, we are harvesting delicious cherry tomatoes and the delicious sugar snap peas pictured above. In previous seasons, these little gems never made it past the back door because my kids would mow through the vines while playing in the backyard. But this year I managed to harvest a few before the kids got to them. I was quite proud of my harvest - all 12 of them that I promptly placed into their lunchboxes. (These are our favorite lunchboxes!)

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  1. I love the idea that your kids were 'stealing' cherry tomatoes off the vines as they played! What a perfect simple summer memory for them.
    Thanks so much for the kale recipes...I've pretty much abandoned kale after I overloaded on it earlier this summer, but i've been meaning to make up with it soon. How did those chocolate kale muffins turn out?
    My go-to recipe has been the green soup from The Splendid Table - sounds simple but it really is delicious. I add in a little roasted garlic too.