Sunday, September 9, 2012

Loving: Everyday Food on YouTube


I can't stop watching these less-than-five minute videos on quick dinners made by Sarah Carey, the Editor in Chief of Everyday Food magazine. I really like her easy, breezy approach to dinner and often watch these clips while planning my dinners for the week.

Take a look at how easy and delicious this Orange Balsamic Chicken can be. She sold me on it when she spilled part of the dish around the 2:50 mark. However, the most notable moment in this video is at the 3:15 mark when I noticed that a woman in the background of the kitchen looks like she is not wearing pants. Upon further inspection using my computer monitor at work, it turns out she is wearing orange leggings. Whew! For a moment there I thought Everyday Food was trying get more viewers by being risque. Yes, that makes total sense!


  1. while the chicken looks delicious, I was seriously watching this for the pantsless lady and I think she's just wearing orange tights, no? good start to a Monday though!

  2. You are right! I had to watch this at work using my hi-def computer monitor screen and she is definitely wearing pants. I had high hopes that Everyday Food was turning into a risque food publication. ;)

  3. I love these videos too! I get so excited when the email with the video pops up in my inbox!

  4. Ok, I just read that Everyday Food is doing away with the print magazine! My heart is breaking right now! The December issue will be the last print issue. This is a very sad sad Monday!