Friday, February 17, 2012

A New Yarn

When I announced my New Years resolutions a month or so ago I had no idea what an effect it would have on me. Yes, this is me admitting, "You didn't really expect to actually go and do those things, did you?"

But I did!

For two years I shared my daily train commute with my husband but since he has taken a new job in the city, I am back to riding solo. Which means becoming engrossed with knitting again and suddenly I am working on two projects at once. I love knitting on the train in particular because it gives me about 80 minutes of knitting a day without interruptions. During that time I finished projects like this
'Salina' by Rowan Knits

And these two beauties...

Koolhass by Interweave Knits

Minimalist Cardigan by Interweave Knits
The only downside to knitting on the train is that it can invite the chatty Cathy's to sit next to me and tell me about how their grandmother used to knit or if I could tell them about what I am working on. But for the most part people leave me alone. 

Not only can I knit on the train, but I also knit in the car (while the spouse is driving of course). It is one of those great hobbies that travels well. While my husband is at the wheel I can simultaneously knit and hand out snacks to the kids in the backseat. Multi-tasking at its finest!

On our way to Lake Tahoe
The green mass on my lap is for the Yoked Cardigan also for my daughter. This is a really easy knitting project done all in one piece with no seaming. Love that!

I also love to knit on the couch in the evenings and I think it goes without saying that wine and knitting really shouldn't mix... but I ignore that rule.
When I saw this top-down raglan dress called Nova I immediately wanted to make it for for my daughter. It looks deceptively easy, but it is knit on teeny tiny needles that could easily double as toothpicks. Ah well, it will be a fun easy raglan knit. No seaming!

Let's hope I finish these projects before the end of the year.

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  1. Amanda, can I borrow that pattern from you? So cute! I LOVE sweater dresses (on kids; not so adorable on me).

    By the way, my latest post is on a new knitting picture book: