Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dinners? Not this week...

I have never experienced this before, but dinner has taken a backseat to the plague that has descended upon our house.  It isn't a marathon, but it is a new kind of busy that I have never experienced before.

Dinners this week were nothing like what we had planned. Instead I have ordered pizza, opened a jar of long forgotten marinara sauce from the cupboard and threw it over overcooked pasta, and defrosted some long forgotten soup from the freezer and at one point just ate popcorn for dinner by myself after everyone else passed out from exhaustion. I feel like I am on a cruel improv show at my house where every night I am met with some crazy new challenge to deal with. 

My improv show skits include 

-- The sick child who sleeps from 6 pm to 6 am!

-- The sick child who inhales dinner the next night and then throws it up in the middle of the night all over his bed!

-- The no nap toddler who took a nap for the first time in three weeks and turned into a manic Energizer Bunny at bedtime!

-- The toddler who wants to potty train herself!

Preaching to the choir much?

All I can say is that I hope we  go back to our regularly scheduled life this weekend, sans the snow trip we had planned. I have a lot of posts saved in my drafts folder but those are taking a backseat to laundering bed linens and doling out M&Ms for visits to the potty.

While I am dealing with all this loveliness, why don't you go read this fantastic article by actress Felicity Huffman who espouses the love/hate affair she has with dinner. It almost made me cry.

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