Tuesday, February 14, 2012

For the love of Gwyneth

If you ever need a good laugh, I recommend signing up for Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP email newsletter. A few weeks ago, I received a Goop email about their New Years cleanse package that she is shilling selling... for a whopping $425.

Rather than pay that amount for a bunch of protein powders and pills, I recommend following Bon Appetit's Food Lovers Cleanse 2012 plan for a cheaper and far more sustainable way to be healthy. I'd rather put my $425 into food for the next month that is organic and healthy.

Criticisms aside, I truly enjoyed Paltrow's cookbook and successfully made quite a few recipes for my family with great success. Her green rice was a hit with the kids and the desserts were really good. Maybe when Dinner: A Love Story cookbook comes out, I can create a cooking challenge to cook exclusively from that book and see how the recipes go over with my family. Nice thing is, I pretty much know it's a sure fire win because all the recipes have been hits so far.

Also, the girl knows a thing or two about music. Not only is she hilarious on Twitter (my personal favorite tweet, "Who do I have to bang to get an advance copy of the new album? I mean, really.") but she tweeted about Erato and now we all sing this song at home.

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