Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Loving: Justin's Nut Butter packets

Ignore those languishing projects at work when nut butter is near
I love a visit to Whole Foods as much as the next girl, but now I have another love to add to my growing list of "must haves" when I shop there. I picked up Justin's Nut Butters that came in these little " to go" packets because they were on sale, thinking I'd stash them in the car for a quick snack for the kids. But then I thought about it a little while longer and decided that giving a 2 year old a packet of squirt-able peanut butter would be like giving her free range with a Sharpie marker. I opted to keep them in my desk drawer at work and immediately fell in love. I can smear them on an apple or just eat it straight from the packet if I feel like it.

I realize that I am rather late in the game to rave about this product as well as my new found love of Almond Butter, which, according to one annoyed friend, has been around for years. Sadly, I am the same way about music. I tend to stick to the '90s era of music and when I do discover a new song, I am always late to the game. Remember the Onion columnist, Jackie Harvey, who reported on celebrity news and gossip about six months after the fact? That is me with music, "I just heard this new song by Adele, have you heard of her before?" Jackie Harvey and I are tight when it comes to matters concerning music and almond butter.

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