Saturday, November 12, 2011

V. Bad!

V. Bad is the kiss of death for any recipe that my mother in law comes across. If you see "V. BAD!" scrawled across the top of a recipe in her enormous collection, then you have been warned, it's VERY BAD.  I wondered why she would save bad recipes and her reasoning was that if she came across it again her notes would warn her not to make it again. I wanted to argue that if it were thrown out of her immense recipe collection then it would be gone for good, but she insisted that the V. Bad description was the Scarlett Letter of the recipe world. Fair enough.

I just came across a V.Bad recipe that I can't help passing along, from my beloved Everyday Food magazine no less! The Busy Day Chocolate Cake is just horrible... rubbery, oily and suspiciously flat. Nothing like the picture which shows an airy cake with a crumbly texture. I could seriously mold this cake into a ball if I wanted to. I should have known something was up when I read the recipe twice looking for the egg that should be in this recipe but is most definitely not. If you read the reviews of the recipe you'll see that the negative comments outweigh the good. My first V. Bad and it feels so right.

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