Monday, November 7, 2011

Dinners for November 6-12, 2011

Contrary to the lack of meal plans on the blog, I do still plan our dinners every week. I just have been horrible about posting them!

Here is our plan for the week.

Sunday: Roasted acorn squash and with soy marinated chicken

Monday: Roasted salmon with roasted broccoli and brussel sprouts - Everyday Food

Tuesday: Spaghetti with carmelized onions, spinach and parmesan (Source: DALS) Quick update: Both (!!) of my kids inhaled the carmelized onions. Full moon, perhaps?

Wednesday: Cauliflower cheddar soup

Thursday: Spaghetti frittata "pie" with spinach and potatoes Quick update: This meal didn't happen thanks to lovely protesters from Occupy Oakland! Thanks guys! You may have proved your point about the other 99%, but you totally killed my family dinner plans. However, the two year old got what she asked for, "Hangerbers and fwench fwies." Bless you Tower Burger for being there when we needed you.

Friday: Dinner with friends... I'm thinking beef stew given our weather these days.

Saturday: Turkey burgers with sweet potato fries

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  1. We had beef stew last night--yummy. But my meals are nowhere near as fancy or as planned as yours! In a given week, at least several will just come together at the last minute, and consist or rice and baby carrots or something like that.