Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SAHM Chronicles: Mommy's Little Helper

I wish I could say that mommy's little helper was an episode of Caillou or a cold glass of Contadino sparkling Pinot Grigio (side note, if you have not tried this delight in a bottle, get thee to Trader Joe's right away!). But sadly the item that gets the most play in my dinners is this

I buy it at Costco and without a doubt it is the most used condiment in my everyday cooking. There are so many great things about this bouillon - it's organic, it comes in a tidy glass jar that can be recycled as opposed to boxes of stock that cannot, and best of all?  You measure out one teaspoon per one cup of water which means that my 16 oz jar yields 96 cups worth of stock. I mean what is not to love*?

*This post was not paid for by the Better than Bouillon folks. Just raving is all I am doing.

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  1. hi, followed you from DALS, just want to say thanks for commenting to my question on picky eaters & kids eating before bedtime....I always like to have those healthy choices like bananas and yogurt on hand, sometimes a slice of bread w/PB ...cause really I am a push over, can never really say no. nice to hear I'm not alone.
    oh and, I use this better than bouillon too - love that you can use as little or much as you need. pretty much a staple for us.