Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SAHM Chronicles: Home again, Home again jiggety jog

Last week my day job disappeared in an instant. My mother in law, our primary caregiver for our children, broke her leg and was unable to care for the kids. After a quick discussion with the spouse, I signed up for emergency family medical leave with my work and am now a full time mom for the next six to eight weeks while she recuperates. At first I had reservations about this designation and was apprehensive about how it would all play out. But after spending my first work free day with my daughter while my son is at school, I am hooked. We walked around the Academy of Sciences (waving hello to their infamous brownies), shared carrots and edamame, watched the jellyfish and inspected some plants on our way out of there. I had time to really *be* with her and it was an eye opener how much little time I get with my kids on the weekends.

I know everyday won't be all sunshine and rainbows with her, but today I fell in love with my children all over again. Color me smitten. Hopefully this blog will get some much needed attention, too! Because you know I'll have all this free time now. ;)

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