Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dinners for October 7-13, 2012

Sunday: Wine braised chicken with tomatoes, peas and rice

Monday: Chicken fried rice (twofer!)

Tuesday: Butternut squash soup and grilled cheese sandwiches *squash was roasted on Sunday*

Wednesday: Dinner party at Whole Foods (more on this later)

Thursday: Oriechette pasta with broccoli and sausage

Friday: TBD

Saturday: TBD


  1. I am totally trying that chicken twofer this week!

  2. Hi Amanda! Long time, no write. I hope you are enjoying the onset of fall, and Halloween, which I gathered you might enjoy a little bit? I'm jealous of your butternut squash soup for the week. I usually make a butternut squash bisque multiple times this time of year, but haven't done it yet. Perhaps I will use this as motivation.

    Baby Harper is doing well!

  3. just made the soup tonight...with the addition of sausage! what a keeper...